Spatial Data Analysis and Econometrics with PySAL @ NARSC 2024


A workshop on applied spatial analysis and urban informatics.

Feb 12, 2024 12:00 AM

Spatial Data Analysis and Econometrics with PySAL @ NARSC 2023



Part 1

  1. Spatial Data Analysis
  • geoprocessing & visualization
  • spatial weights
  • spatial autocorrelation
  1. Spatial Segmentation
  • geodemographic analysis
  • segregation analysis


Part 2

  1. Spatial Econometrics
  • cross sectional models
  • spatial regime models
  • spatial SUR models
Elijah Knaap
Elijah Knaap
Associate Director & Senior Research Scientist

My research interests include urban inequality, neighborhood dynamics, housing markets, spatial data science, regional science, and housing & land policy.

Sergio Rey
Sergio Rey
Director and Professor

My research interests include geographic information science, spatial inequality dynamics, regional science, spatial econometrics, and spatial data science.