CATSLife: A Study of Lifespan Behavioral Development and Cognitive Functioning


© The Author(s) 2019. In the original article, Figure 7 contained an error. Unfortunately, components of the Index of Relative Rurality (IRR) were incorrectly scaled towards urbanicity, rather than towards rurality. The correction does not affect the authors substantive conclusion that the IRR results show "appreciable variability in our sample". However, the corrected version of Figure 7 is shown below. In addition, on page 8 of the original aritcle, "IRR County range = 0.05, 0.75" should be "IRR County range = 0.05, 0.80". The authors would like to apologise for the error.

Twin Research and Human Genetics
Elijah Knaap
Elijah Knaap
Associate Director & Senior Research Scientist

My research interests include urban inequality, neighborhood dynamics, spatial data science, regional analysis, and housing & land policy.