COGS Goes to NARSC 2022


The COGS team will give a tutorial on spatial and urban data science featuring pysal and geosnap at the upcoming North American Regional Science Conference. The team will also present two new papers on advanced spatial analysis in the social sciences, one focusing on segregation measurement using street network analysis, and the other measuring change in urban spatial structure over space and time

Nov 8, 2022

Workshop on Spatial and Urban Data Science with PySAL @ NARSC22


Workshop Overview

Introduction to PySAL

Fundamental of Spatial Data

Spatial data processing

Choropleth mapping and geovisualization

Fundamentals of Spatial Analysis

Spatial weights

Global & Local spatial autocorrelation

Applied Spatial Analysis: Neighborhood Analytics

Analyzing neighborhood differentiation and segregation

Clustering/Geodemographic Analysis

Segregation Analysis

Applied Spatial Analysis: Neighborhood Dynamics

Examining neighborhood change over time and space

Neighborhood Change

Segregation Dynamics

Elijah Knaap
Elijah Knaap
Associate Director & Senior Research Scientist

My research interests include urban inequality, neighborhood dynamics, housing markets, spatial data science, regional science, and housing & land policy.

Sergio Rey
Sergio Rey
Director and Professor

My research interests include geographic information science, spatial inequality dynamics, regional science, spatial econometrics, and spatial data science.